Tidal Margins

The production of a report in 2010 by the Crown Estates, “ Art

as a tool in the support of the understanding of coastal change 

in East Anglia”, began a discussion on how contemporary artists

and writers could respond to the evolving coastline in a creative

way to stimulate different conversations and experiences for

those who live and work in the area as well as those who are

drawn to visit it.

Tidal Margins is a three year collaboration between artists, writers and photographers to re-map the Suffolk Coastline.

Tidal Margins aims to complement the Crown Estate report that looked at over 200 artists and the work they produced between 1770 to 1940.  The legacy of the paintings and prints made it possible to follow the evolving shape of the Suffolk coast.  Tidal Margins aims to explore a contemporary sense of place, continuing in the footsteps of these artists.

The Suffolk Heritage Coast is constantly evolving with the actions of natural forces in particular, the sea – there is a short and urgent timeframe to capture for future generations, its power, its history and its inspiration.  Landscape is an essential component of people’s surroundings.  It is an expression of the diversity of their shared cultural and natural heritage.  It is a foundation of their identity.  Therefore, more than ever, there is a need to interpret and value contemporary landscape anew.


Orford Ness – July 2012


Covehithe – January 2012